10 minute $2 Halloween costume: Press Photographer

DIY press photographer costume DIY Press photographer IMG_5819

This costume was one I threw together in about 10 minutes on the way out to a Halloween festival with my littles who already had costumes. We had a few places that we had to stop along the way and didn’t exactly want to be dressed as a CareBear. It’s less charming to be dressed like a goofball when you’re likely to run into business leaders that you might have to see in a boardroom eventually. I thought about it and I had one major accessory that I was going to be carrying all day long, my camera. I admit, the camera isn’t $2 but you could fashion a fake fairly easily for a little kiddo, use a toy camera or suggest this to someone who wears one of those un-festive t-shirts that say “THIS IS MY COSTUME”.

I had the hat, added a piece of cardstock with the words “PRESS” written in marker as well as a fill for an old name badge from a conference. We have a few lanyards laying around so that was an easy find. I call it a $2 costume because of the cost of the cardstock and perhaps grabbing a lanyard. We had a great day and I was so comfy.

I’d encourage you to take a look around your home and see what you might have that could work as a DIY last-minute costume. I am a big fan of Pinterest, and you can see some of the costume ideas that I have pinned there.

Pinterest Starlite!

Have a great Halloween and don’t forget to relax and have some fun with it!

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