Thanks vs. Bragging

ThanksIt’s our Thanksgiving month and many people take up a “challenge” to give a month of Thanks. I understand the sentiment behind it, making us all aware of how much we already have and taking stock of the good in our lives.

I would like to to contend that we can do much better than that. I think that is a cop-out to an extent. Most of the people I know live quite a charmed life, with most of what they need and some of what they want. I’m not saying our lives are perfect, but we generally have enough and realize that. I would like to stop the incessant humble-brag all over social media. I think it can also cause some unhappiness to those out there that might be hurting because they don’t have all those things that those “Thankful posts” mention. You can assume that people appreciate their loved ones, homes, vacations, etc..without having to wave a flag about it and have a neon sign that points at them flashing “Look How Great My Life Is!”.

We can do better, so I challenge you to actually begin putting the “Thanks-giving” into action and giving out Thank-you’s to people all month. Let’s all pick up the phone and let someone know how much they mean, or send an email to a teacher and let them know what they’ve done for your children. I know my son was struggling with telling time and now he’s a champ at it, and it wouldn’t have happened unless his teaching team was on point.

Why not thank the people who serve us everyday, and put smiles on our faces. Give thanks away. Posting about how lucky you are is bragging, not thanksgiving.

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