Creating History: Portraits

Jerrica Kristina Photography

We recently had a photo shoot done in our Downtown, and while I enjoy having the updated photos of my kiddos, I really loved showing off our little town. Suffolk is nestled just near the Great Dismal Swamp. We’re known for hiking trails, and history and when you walk around our quaint downtown, you can help but feel the small town charm. The brick buildings, iron benches and hand-painted murals create a sense of permanence and familiarity that doesn’t always convey in a new town. We have lived here a few years, and my photographer is someone who I’ve known for a few more than that.

Jerrica and I met when my family was stationed in Texas. She has a way of capturing the small moments that are so fleeting that you don’t even realize you are missing them until they have dissipated. Her work reminds me of the smell of the sea, or the crunch of fall leaves. She takes a moment that has such a strong connection to a particular moment and freezes it in time. We set out for a casual walk around town, and let my kids play in the leaves. We passed no more than 5 buildings that have been around at least 100 years. Suffolk Historic District includes the (old) Suffolk High School that is now the Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts where you can take classes, see plays, or see a concert. My kids like to play in the fountain. It’s such a beautiful place, and one I am happy to live around the corner from.  The gallery of our photos will give you a peek into our town, and our lives.

My son is autistic, and that presents a challenge to get him to take photos. Jerrica found a way to connect with him and make him feel comfortable, and you can see the smiles she coaxed out of him. She is a military spouse and uprooting your life every few years can make it “interesting” to say the least. I know that Jerrica will have a loyal following soon enough in Virginia. She even mentioned how she has already fallen in love with the area, and can’t wait to discover more. I know she’s enchanted with our little town.

If you want to see more of her work, or book her for a session, you can find her on Facebook at Jerrica Kristina Photography or Jerrica Kristina Photography Fan page.
Jerrica Kristina Photography

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