Lego KidsFest: Charlotte

Lego KidsFest - 16 of 16I don’t know many other children’s pastimes that bring more joy and cross generations more easily than Legos. Yes, they are a nightmare to happen upon in the dark of night when your pet is scratching at the door to be let in, but otherwise they are pretty much the perfect toy to give or get, for kids, spanning all ages. Our first set of Duplo blocks has been passed down to younger kiddos in our family along with the trucks and wagons that they were hauled all over my home in.

I woke up my twins on a Friday morning like any other and while they were getting ready, instructed them to pop on the Lego t-shirts that I had recently given them and then announced that there wouldn’t be any school this Friday. We were going on an adventure to Lego KidsFest in Charlotte. This incorporated several of their favorite things, missing school (for something other than the dentist), road-trips, eating drive-thru food, and staying in a hotel. Something about riding in an elevator and eating breakfast while reading the WSJ just makes my son happy.

We arrived on Friday afternoon, and after parking in a city lot ended up arriving shortly after the event began. It was approximately 430 and we didn’t have any lines, waits, or stress.  Our tickets included the entire evening and free reign of the event space.

The first thing that impressed me was a booth just inside the entrance with a large sign indicating “Lost Parent Meeting Spot”, so all the kids knew where to go if they lost their parents. Here you were invited to fill out a business card with your name and phone number and put the card in your child’s possession to be surrendered if they became separated from you. We filled ours out, stuffed them in their pockets and commenced exploring with our provided map.

The Charlotte Convention Center was laid out in sections with themes for each type of Lego. There was a section for Juniors, StarWars, Create Your Own Masterpiece, Lego Challenges, Lego movies and more. I think my children most enjoyed seeing the large creations that incorporated sound when you posed with them. The King Tut startled my daughter, but she laughed and loved it. There truly is something for everyone and we really loved building at all the separate stations. This is an event run by people who understand kids, and enjoy seeing them have fun. My kids built creations, assembled mini-figures, posed with Lego characters, buried themselves in the Lego pits, made Lego-angels and shopped for their upcoming birthday’s at the included Marketplace. I was so impressed with the way everything was set up.

Lego KidsFest - 15 of 16

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