Train Shows and Vintage toys

Hampton Roads Convention Center saw wonderful trains and vintage toys descend on the place to the delight of young and old. There are few things that my son truly lights up for, but trains have always been one of them. Some of his first words were about trains, Toby was his favorite, and became a part of nightly dinner conversation. For those of you who don’t have a ferroequinologist or just a very enthusiastic Thomas fan, it might not seem like the best event on a sunny Saturday, but you’d be wrong. Children and adults were having a great time on several fronts. Each ticket was under $10, parking was free and they had nachos. I mean, people…nachos. Bottom line is that you can have your kids enjoy a great day looking at vintage toys, trains, eating snacks that don’t require utensils or blowing horns, you should check them out when they’re near. My son now wants to join the ladies and gentlemen of the National Model Railroaders Association Tidewater ( and make scale models of trains, and the awesome soda shops, ferris wheels and mills that make up these tiny towns. Check them out next time they’re in town.

Highlights include

  • free parking
  • concessions
  • train races
  • vintage toys and memorabilia
  • scale model trains running
  • mini car races on a track
  • little to no lines
  • family-friendly atmosphere


See model trains in Hampton Roads at:

Seaboard Train Museum:

Yorktown Museum:



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