Hickies: The answer to our running problem

IMG_6349Hickies: The answer to our running problem

Imagine that you love running. It’s your favorite thing, and can’t wait to get out on the open road and leave your cares behind. It’s a great stress reliever for many people, and can be a place where you gather your thoughts and work out problems while your body gets a workout in.

Now imagine you can’t tie your shoes to do that anymore, or have ever been able to. My daughter started running with a club this year and she loves being part of the group and the accomplishments of getting through her 5K at the end of the training. She makes friends and has a great time.

My son is the same age, but can’t participate in a similar activity, because he can’t tie his shoes. Autism brings with it many little hiccups for individuals, and one of those is less dexterity. He usually prefers slip-on shoes like Vans for this reason, but they’re not fit to run a 5K in. Enter this smart invention, called Hickies. One of their tag lines is “Never tie your shoes again”, so I was like…I’m listening…


You can see my daughter putting them to a speed test here. They are bands, that you can loop around and hook in various ways to provide a tighter or more relaxed fit, and are

easy enough for a 9-year-old to put on and switch out.

As you can see, they come in lots of awesome colors as well as plain black and white. My son said they were “Cool, and easy to get on my feet.”. I will be adding them to some running shoes soon. My daughter got lots of compliments on hers at school and even demonstrated how they work to someone. She said, “Yeah, they are so easy that you can have lots of styles.” I am so excited to see a product that doesn’t highlight a disability, and yet solves a problem that might come with being a bit different. He can outpace us both running in flip-flops, so I am sure that he will be lapping us in his new running gear in no time.


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