Photo albums to organize your life

Sometimes life is a little crazy. I thought you might like a simple life hack that I have used to simplify mine.

Step 1: Make an album on your phone, in your photo library titled something along the lines of “Important Crap”. This is not an album for sweet memories, it’s more like a visual filing cabinet of things that you, the babysitter or your kid misplaces. You know, like the account number to your water bill that you can’t find because someone used it as a napkin when their peanut butter and jelly sandwich was really “overflowy”. If you need a tutorial to figure out how to make an album and name it, this is pretty simple (iPhone album). The process is quite similar across the board. Here are some things you could include in it.

  1. Photo of the VIN Number of your vehicle or copy of the registration. This is helpful when you need to give the number to the dealership, or if you’re trying to get an insurance quote and it’s 30degrees outside.
  2. Rx labels you will need refilled. I take a pic of the kids meds, just in case we end up in the ER, or they have to be seen while they’re at a friends house and they manage to bonk their head trying to do “cool flips”.
  3. Anything you’ve printed out that has to do with resetting a code in your car, or clearing your printer that makes you want to rip your hair out. I have a “old maintenance” light that comes on and you have to press 8 buttons in a weird combination to get it to go off once you change the oil and not even the shops know it by heart. It’s easier to have a quick reference guide on my phone.
  4. Take a pic when you plant your garden, to remind you where to place the markers for each fruit or veggie.
  5. Include pics of the serial numbers of your bikes in case they are stolen.

    Take a pic of the mailing address of your friends when you get a letter or card and attach it to their contact card. It will come in handy at Christmas and birthday time.


    I like snap a pic of my kids shoe labels when I am going shopping for school clothes without them, so I can grab ones that are on sale. I forget because they are so close in size!!


    Snap a pic of the instructions for games and print it out and tape it to the inside of the box. If you don’t have the instructions, just print one out small enough to tape inside.


    Include a folder called “Home” where you keep the warranty card pics, home paint colors and shots of anything you could use to keep your house running smoothly. Air filter number, kind of floor cleaner you use (in case you need to send a pic for someone else picking it up), or the number to call to order fuel. Screenshots of account information for electric, water or trash give you contact information and can be added to the information numbers held in your phone. No more scrambling for account numbers if you need to pay a bill on the go.


leftover halloween candy and bread crusts arent lunch (2)

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