10 Minute Ornaments and Free Advice

If you have 10 minutes, you can make any of these ornaments that I demo’d today. I  have some wonderful ways to make memories you can hang up and even let little ones participate in. I also have some free advice included at no additional charge.

  1. You’ll need some foil leaf, available in craft stores or online at: ; as well as spray adhesive. IMPORTANT; unless you want to have floors that you can’t move your feet away from, please put a drop cloth down, and completely cover the work area, or complete this one out in the backyard. I also like to seal it with gloss medium or Modge Podge.

Grab an ornament, and put on some gloves or get happy with having your hands stuck together next time you clap. Spray the bottoms of the ornament, select a sheet of foil and apply it to the adhesive. Once the foil is applied, put the ornament upside down to dry balanced in a plastic cup or one that is simply not your favorite. It could be your enemies favorite, because that adhesive is really hard to remove.

Once no longer tacky, apply the gloss medium, or matte if the surface of the ornament is matte. and enjoy the lovely modern messy ornament you have crafted.

2.  This one is good for kids that are able to handle a glue gun or one that you’re able to let sit via the old-fashioned school glue. Buy a huge pack of popsicle sticks. If you end up losing all of your holiday spirit before you make the ornaments, feel free to just keep them in the package and use them for summer smoothie pops or a mom’s-night-in champagne pops when you need a little time-out.

These are the most simple to make and customize! Arrange each of them in a classic star form, the geometric one, not the actual ball of fire, because that’s not good to decorate with. Once the glue is applied and dried, paint it with your chosen colors. If you want to paint a bajillion at a time, spray paint is great but acrylic all purpose paint works just as well. We went with a Scandinavian style with the bright red, because that’s what I like and also only one color to clean from brushes and the kids clothes. PRO TIP: Put an ugly t-shirt over their actual clothing to keep it from being ruined; extra points if it’s your ex’s.

3. These smell awesome and are really easy to make even when you’re having hot buttered rums. You’ll need a cinnamon stick, or an actual stick. You can grab some out in the yard or take a walk and be a good neighbor and pick one up out of the sidewalk. Cut ribbon in progressively shorter lengths, varying color and texture to mimic what you think a tree would be decorated like. You can add a star at the top for extra points from a scrap of fabric or paper, or a little sparkle you find broken at the bottom of the ornaments from last year. This is a great ornament to make if you are trying to be a minimalist or just avoiding ever going to a store but your kids expect to be crafty. The green fabric is from a t-shirt that my son put on and looked like he was about to head to a rave so it was time to be relegated to the donation pile.

4. This ornament is one that we made some years ago but are still wonderful for kids to have a handprint that takes minimal time and effort. This is best applied with a foam sponge brush but in a pinch you can cut off an end of a kitchen sponge that you haven’t used yet to apply the white paint. Again, use acrylic that you can find in the craft section of the box stores. Sponge on the paint and then hold their hand and apply it to the oversized ornament. You could use a smaller ornament for tiny hands, but I also recommend that you use the plastic ones for this because kids drop things and if paint spills on my hardwood floors mixed with shards of glass, it makes me lose my holiday spirit. After the white has dried, you can add details with sharpies or additional paint. I like the sharpies but live dangerously if you’d like to.

5. If you love oysters, this is a wonderful way to repurpose the shells after happy hour oyster shooters. If you don’t like oysters, please do something else because this will make your house smell like the sea for at least 2 hours. Bring your oysters home, and put them in a container with a serious dose of bleach. I try not to use bleach, but you don’t want your ornaments smelling like a rancid pier, so add a tab of concentrated bleach to a bucket and soak them for at least a couple hours. I left mine outside to steep and disinfect overnight. Once they’ve soaked, take them out and give them a good scrub with a tough brush. Then you’ll need to dry them in the oven for an hour or however long it takes until they’re not stinky. I put them in at 350 degrees because that’s what I cook everything at. After they bake, take them out and spraypaint with some gold or other metallic spraypaint. Do this outdoors or suffer the consequences. I also like to let them air out for a day to cure so they don’t stink up the house with paint fumes. After they cure, stick a bit of twine or ribbon to hang them. Yes, I know this isn’t a 10 minute ornament but I like these a lot and get asked how to make them, so there you go. If you want to use collected and dried shells, please still disinfect them and let them air dry before spraying them.

6. For this last ornament you’ll need a bad-assed ride to put these little bottle-brush trees on. I like the ones that remind me of my Dad and his friends whey I was little, so something with t-tops is ideal, but anything with the windows already down is also great. I popped off the base of the trees, and tied the tree to the repurposed hot-rod. I bought the pack of little bottle-brush trees from a craft store for about $2/8 of them. If you have bigger model cars, you’ll have to upsize the trees as well.

You will note that although there are tons of ornaments that use glitter to decorate and add sparkle to your celebrations, I don’t use any in my decor. We had an incident in 2012 that had be consider burning down my entire house after my darling daughter decided to open a massive container of glitter and there was stripper dust in my home, vacuum, on my hairbrushes and everywhere else for at least a year. Glitter is banned in my home, unless it enters on an unauthorized article of clothing that was a gift. I don’t ban gifts, but I wash them extensively until they are thoroughly finished shedding that unicorn dander.

If you like my writing style, please follow my socials and comment on whatever tickles your fancy. If you don’t, please just go away.

One thought on “10 Minute Ornaments and Free Advice

  1. I love Christmas and your ornament ideas are really nice. I especially liked the car ornament…I think my family will try that this year. Great post


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