Bay Local: A locally-sourced brunch dream

When staying on Shore Drive or in the area of Virginia Beach we lovingly call “The Bay side” we love to explore local delicious options. One such place is Bay Local Eatery on Shore Drive. We tried a various selection for our outing that included the Kitchen Sink. First, let me explain these tots everywhere. They are made with something magical that makes them more croquets than regular tater tots. I don’t know what exactly, but it’s a tater tot-tastic option. Everything was local and fresh and if you don’t know what a perfectly poached egg looks like for your Bennie’s just take a peek at our video on Instagram that will give you all the information you need.

The menu is as fresh as you can get, from the fresh squeezed OJ to the ingredients that rotate with the options from farmers that they buy from. Learn more about how dedicated they are to supporting locally grown and produced food on their website (WARNING:MAY INDUCE HUNGER PANGS)

You will need to hustle to figure out the parking situation because the spots are limited and it’s like playing Tetris for grown-ups at times to try to find a place that you won’t be towed away. If you’d like to avoid all that nightmare, you can always stay close at Virgnia Beach Resort and Conference Center in one of their all-suite rooms and not have to worry about the struggle of finding a spot. It’s only a block away if you’re inclined to walk or a tiny trip for Lyft or Uber.


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