3 Ingredient Summer Drinks

Summer is a time for backyard BBQ’s and hanging at the beach. I know that I love sharing a summertime drink recipe for friends and family. I have some go-to options that are always welcome once summer sun is here. These drinks with less than 3 ingredients make easy bbq, camping or beaching options.

Please enjoy my suggestions in a responsible way, and by that I mean make someone drive you around and also don’t forget sunscreen. Keep it classy so your photos don’t show you 8 shades and 3 sheets for the summer season. 21+ people!!

  1. Un-weak Teas: I love a nice suntea, and there are great options to have a spiked version. If you’d like to minimize what you’re bringing to the table literally, bring ice + water + Deep Eddy Iced Tea to act as your base.
    1. Peach Tea: Iced Tea Vodka + Peach Vodka + Water over ice
    2. Raspberry Iced Tea: Water + Iced Tea Vodka + Raspberry
    3. Mango Iced Tea: Water + Iced Tea Vodka + Mango Nectar
    4. Arnold Palmer: Iced Tea Vodka + Lemonade (feel free to flip this combination if you have Lemon Vodka and Sweet Tea)

      beverage breakfast cake chilled
      Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com
  2. Beertails: Cocktails with beer in them is a new and very fun way to experiment with beer if you’re not usually a fan. Ginger beer will give you an option for creating a Mule, which are very on-trend but you can also use a combination of some unexpected options just as easily.
    1. Pamaere: An Ale + Pama = A bubbly beer cocktail that has a slight tart end and almost makes it seem like a sour beer.
    2. Beerosa: Domestic light beer + mango nectar = A beer version of a mimosa that can be made on any boat or river float.
    3. Bahama Mule: Ginger beer  + Coconut vodka (1.5 oz) + Lime juice (.5oz) = Island heaven. Fill a mule mug or highball with ice and add your liquor, lime juice and stir and top with your ginger beer. You can also try to make this with a coconut rum, if you’re feeling like a pirate.

      person holding two soda bottles with drinking glass below
      Photo by Matan Segev on Pexels.com
  3. Skinny low-sugar drinks: Find your favorite flavored carbonated water. These can be any kind of water and you can switch the flavor combinations by adding a flavored vodka, run or whiskey. Here are some ideas on flavor combinations that you can try and keep the sugar at a minimum. Always have a garnish of lime, orange slices or lemon wedges to up the fancy factor for backyard drink carts.
    1. Pink Starburst: Strawberry soda + Watermelon Pucker + whipped vodka
    2. Dreamscicle: Orange soda + Birthday Cake Vodka
    3. Pina Colada: Pineapple soda + Coconut Vodka
    4. Faux Marg: Lime soda + Blanco tequila + sweetened lime juice + salted rim
    5. Pink Lemonade: Watermelon soda + lemon vodka
    6. Mermaid: Lime soda + Blue curaçao + vodka + lime wedge garnish
    7. Purple People Eater: Grape soda + Vodka + watermelon pucker
    8. Sex on the Beach Soda: Orange soda + peach vodka

      red beverage filled clear glass mason mug with straw beside purple flowers in vase
      Photo by Artem Bali on Pexels.com

When possible always use naturally derived spirits. I am a huge proponent of green practices and in the case of spirits, you also end up with MUCH better tasting products when they’re naturally flavored. Feel free to garnish your creations with fresh sprigs of herbs and cut fruits. Muddle fruits with a little bit of sugar to release the flavors, or freeze them in ice cube trays. Have fun this summer and be safe while enjoying your summer drink combos. 

Leave a comment if you try any of my recipes and tell me how they taste!

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