Get Social and Go LIVE: Simple Strategies to help your LIVE STREAM be a success!

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Going LIVE is intimidating for some people but is a very effective way to engage with your followers on your social platforms. There are some great strategies that you can use to help make sure you get the best and most effective experience from your live Facebook or Instagram events. Here are some technical and style points that I use before going live.

  1. Make sure your connected to WIFI and you have your backup WIFI assist data turned on. Turn your phone off and then on again, so it can reallocate your cell phone to the closest towers available. This ensures that you have the strongest connection and won’t be stopping and starting when you’re live, since streaming takes a considerable amount of bandwidth.
  2. Before you go live, write a NOTE in your phone or on your computer that is the headline of what you’ll be talking about; for instance “10 Military PSC Tricks and include the link to your online persona e.g.” so that people can find you and connect on their preferred platform.
  3. Check your face. I’m guilty of going live looking a hot mess, and you don’t have to be perfect by any means, but if you’re not feeling confident it will show, so if you’d like to fix your hair or just put on a hat to make your look more complete, do so.
  4. Introduce yourself and ask anyone watching the replay to type “REPLAY” in the comments box so you can tell who’s watching live. This allows people to “check-in” and helps the engagement on your live videos show as active content that is evergreen on your page.
  5. Greet people as they comment and join, and then tell whatever you’re going to be talking about. It’s fine to have a set idea of what you’d like to do with a live coverage of an event and then break it up into pieces, but a live stream that is around 10 minutes is the most effective time frame to shoot for. I like to take about 2 minutes to introduce myself, let everyone join the live, and then give my information, while asking open-ended questions that invite a conversation.
  6. Break it up to accommodate poor reception. Go live at the start of the event, then switch locations instead of walking around. Treat it like a weather broadcast, and come back for check-ins throughout an event.
  7. Leave the live with a Call To Action like “If you liked watching me, share this video or give me a thumbs up so more of your friends will see what we are doing here” This gives information to the algorithm that the live content is valuable and should be suggested to people outside of the followers currently on the brand.
  8. Have FUN!!! This is the secret. Don’t talk to people like you’re at a job interview, these people are your friends and this is an informal platform. Think of the last thing you shared with your friends online and I guarantee you shared it because it gave you a feeling. Give what you want back! Positive energy and fun always helps encourage people to share.


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