The Moon-hito

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Sometimes my friends have some great ideas. Today was amazing with an idea inspired by a trip, some Moonshine and love of mint. I currently have mint that is taking over a flowerbed. I leave it alone because it keeps away spiders and I would rather have an infestation of tea than have to burn my house down because of a bunch of spiderbabies.

A Moonhito is a traditional mojito with shine instead of rum. The basics are super easy, and you only need a few ingredients on hand to make a delicious drink. Please enjoy responsibly* and by that I mean, don’t ever say “Hold my drink, I can make the jump” after having a tasty beverage or 3.**

Easy Moonhito: Place mint leaves, lime slice, and sugar in bottom of a glass and muddle with a spoon until mint is crushed. Muddle is a fancy way to say smush it up. Fill glass with ice cubes. Pour Moonshine and soda over the ice; stir.


*Obey all laws regarding alcohol and never drink and drive!

**This is not sponsored, I just like good dranks. Belle Isle is a sustainable distillery in Virginia near Richmond and is super yummy.


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