Don’t serve my kid PB&J but no worries about the AK-47

grayscale photo of a boy aiming toy gun selective focus photography
Photo by Pixabay on

Why don’t parents ask about guns in the home when their children will be having a playdate? We are so worried about kids dying over a PB&J but don’t ask about whether they have a gun sitting in a nightstand. My kids don’t stay with many people, but if I don’t know them well enough to ask how their weapons are secured, then I probably don’t know them well enough to have my children in their care.

This is such a touchy subject, but it shouldn’t be. Parents will ask about food allergies, or medications the kids might need, or what kind of sunblock the tiny visitor might be having but not about basic safety. What are we doing as parents when we will have a conversation about what veggies they hate before we talk about something that can literally kill them.

This isn’t meant to demonize anyone for choosing to have guns in their home, but rather to try to limit kids from having the most horrifying consequence of having a weapon near them. My children are the most precious gift and if I can’t keep them safe, what am I doing?

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