Summer Fun Checklist


School Bus
Photo by Nubia Navarro (nubikini) on

School is out for summer and each year we have a list we make to decide what we will do with the fleeting days that will soon turn crisp and blustery. A list also helps Mom-life stay manageable while working from home and trying to complete school assignments. You can make your list as detailed and long as you want, or tell the kids you only need a Top 10 Summer Fun list and keep it short. I’ll give you 50 ideas to add.

  1. Matinee Movie (Free Summer Movies or $1 Movie Days)
  2. Pool Day (Hiking (Consider doing a color scavenger hunt)
  3. Beach (Objective like shelling or saving sand from a new beach)
  4. Tie-Dye (Traditional or Sharpie Shirts)
  5. Treasure hunt antique malls & thrift shops
  6. Smoothie Popscicles
  7. Backyard Movie night
  8. Design shoes
  9. Build a fort (Clamps or clothes-pins + sheets or tablecloths or drop cloths + backyard or a kid-friendly room)
  10. Petting Zoo (Check YELP to find a local farm or petting zoo & visit before the heat of the day at 11)
  11. Snow Cones (Use a Ninja to grind the ice up, concentrated kool-aid for syrup)
  12. Backyard Twister
  13. Water fun catch (Play catch with sponges soaked in water, contest prizes for whomever keeps it in the air the longest)
  14. Chalk color sidewalks
  15. Host a neighborhood bike parade & decorating event
  16. DIY Ice cream sandwiches
  17. Visit Little Free Libraries
  18. Stargazing or a trip to the Planetarium
  19. Visit the fishies and otters at a local Aquarium, or nature center
  20. Pick fruits or flowers!! Visit a working farm and enjoy learning about when is the yummiest time to pick your own.

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