Prime for Back to School

Amazon Prime Day is once a year, but the benefits of having Amazon Prime are awesome all year long. If you have someone headed to college or someone who needs a student (edu) account, have them check out the benefits. Reduced pricing and all the perks. Amazon Prime for Students (.edu accounts)

  1. If you have a Kindle Fire and kids at home you can actually use parental controls that you can activate so they have to read books and use educational apps before it unlocks the cool stuff like games and YouTube. It also have a time that it will turn off automatically on weekdays, or every day depending on how you structure bedtimes.

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  2. Amazon Prime Video: Duuuuddddeee, just get it. You can rent from your Amazon account and then watch your show and never have to even go visit a box in the grocery store in your pajama bottoms. If the pajamas are on, I don’t care if it’s 2 in the afternoon, I’m not changing to get a video for these kids. Just Prime it. Also, you get to talk like you’re in a place where Transformers are real, so thats cool.

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  3. Delivery of things you might not have ever considered. For instance, Prime Now to get quick groceries delivered in two hours or sometimes less, Prime Pantry for staples you can even set up for auto-delivery (like the neverending need for toilet paper at my house. Are they eating it? Do they secretly get up in the middle of the night sleepwalking to make themselves into mummies for fun??) You can set it up to deliver things that you know you need every week/month/quarter/year that you’d normally stock your pantry with. I especially like the Seaweed Snacks that I like and are also cool to have on hand for those on keto!! It’s pretty much like shopping Whole Foods (but with coupons) from home. **Nothing against Whole Foods but a little bit against the looks I get sometimes at Whole Foods when my son has had enough and sits on the floor like it’s a 60’s protest. What is he protesting? Nutrition???

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  4. Amazon Drive for photos!! Never get that error that tells you that your storage is almost full just as you’re about to take the cutest video of a puppy. Don’t throw your phone in the trash, just sync your photos to the Amazon Drive to keep them all in cloud storage!!

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  5. Prime Music: Huge library of songs so it’s great for teens to be able to go on and still not accidentally on purpose order an entire Eminem Discography that you have to pay for. Especially since I already have that and they should just ask.

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  6. FREE BOOKS: I’m a huge bibliophile. Anyone who’s wondering, it’s just a book nerd but sounds fancy. If you’re Prime you get one free ebook rental a month. It’s not a huge selection, but it’s really nice if you get caught someplace that’s boring, like the ER for a surprise ear infection and have to wait 4 hours. You could always talk to people while you’re there instead. They probably don’t have swine flu, but who really knows. Read your book.

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  7. Free books and magazines!!! Okay, more reading but the awesome thing is that it runs on anything that can carry a Kindle app. That means nearly every device, computer, smart phone and probably some things I don’t even know much about like those smart white boards in kids schools. I had the green panels with the chalk that made you cough and clapping the erasers was some kind of treat. How did they convince us that was a reward?? There are also audio books available for those of us who like to multi-task or if you have someone who struggles to read.

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  8. Audible Channels (podcasts) is another way to listen for free!! These are streaming services so remember that when using it, you’ll either want that Unlimited Data for car or WIFI.

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  9. Free Games!! I’m not a gamer, but Twitch is supposedly the truth for PC use and totally free to use on your desktop. 5 free games are currently listed with more to come.

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  10. FREE 2 DAY SHIPPING!! I have started just selecting {Prime Only} as my filter because I can’t be delayed like that to wait more than 48 hours for my essentials like 2 liter shampoos I have run out of after 6 months and a glass fluted doorknob that decided to finally give up after nearly 80 years of working on my house. It’s amazing!! Get Prime for Students and you’ll be spoiled in no time.

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PRIME STUDENT: Start your 6-month trial (6-month trial courtesy of Sprint) After your trial, Prime Student is just $6.49/month.

DISCLAIMER: If you sign up via my link I get a whole $3!! I’m also a college student so even though I have used this for years, I have to do a disclosure that says I will make the cost of 1/2 coffee at a good place if you use my link. Help me grow my coffee fund and send this link to a student or teacher to let them know about the deals you can get with Amazon Prime.



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