Fall Fun for Moms

Photo by Valiphotos on Pexels.com

So fall is here and there are so many fun things to do for Mom’s and kids to enjoy.  I’ve compiled a list of things for Mom to put on her calendar of events. Please reach out with your own ideas.

  1. Buy pumpkins for carving. You can find loads of templates online to print and have fun carving them. Of course you’ll need to make sure you have the cords for your printer or that the wifi is configured for the wireless printer…and that you have ink to actually print. Make sure to smile while you’re giving your kids knives after all the time that you’ve been telling them to not touch them. Bonus points if you just buy them and leave them on the front porch until it snows.
  2. Rake a pile of leaves and jump in it. Make sure your neighbors haven’t been letting their dog poop in them or you’ll have a whole new memory. We have a new interesting smell in the car now.
  3. Take your kiddos shopping for Halloween costumes and practice painting their faces. Try to buy recycled options from thrift stores to minimize your carbon footprint or weave them from the withered branches of your garden that you have to till under.
  4. Chop firewood. Make good use of the flannels and also see what life would have been like in olden times. I learned with a trip to Yorktown that the only thing I would have liked about living in the time period is that they drank hard cider instead of regular juice.
  5. Corn Maze. Invite people you’re mad at then leave them while they’re in there. Two birds with one maze.
  6. Haunted House. Bring your rage and yell back at anyone who has the gall to scare you. Look at it as a cheap therapy session. Tell them how mad you are about your friends not coming to your 5th birthday party or just bark at them like a dog.
  7. Wear leggings. There’s no joke here. It’s just comfortable to wear leggings this time of year.
  8. Bake!! Everyone loves fresh baked bread and cookies and pies and goodies. How else are you going to jump-start your winter bod goals without baked goods? It’s not like there will be 40 pounds of candy hanging out in the pantry for you to snack on. Real talk: put your candy in a recycled bag that used to house something healthy like brussel sprouts and your kids won’t touch it. That doesn’t work in my house because everyone likes to eat those so I have hid them in boxes like pancake mix. No kid is going to the trouble of making pancakes. You’ll have to deal with your spouse yelling once in a while about “What kind of Bisquick is this?? How am I supposed to make dumplings?” Just kidding, he doesn’t cook like that.
  9. Go on a fall hike. Ticks are fun anytime of year!
  10.  Hop on a hay ride! Allergies shouldn’t be constrained to only being during summer and ragweed seasons.

Moms have enough on their plates without adding seasonal must-do events. Enjoy what you like about fall. I enjoy the end of boob-sweat season and the death of mosquitos. I also like drinking tea and not worrying about mandatory decorations and stressful holiday conversations over turkey and ham. If you are a Momma who loves baking and going on hayrides that’s awesome and you should do that. If you are a Momma who’s mainly excited about new makeup pallets coming out, that’s perfectly fine too. Personally, I love having some time outside with the smell of burning leaves and the crispness in the morning while I sip coffee and wait for the school bus. Do what you like and not what you feel like you should be doing to keep up with anyone else!!

top view photo of coffee
Photo by Valeriia Miller on Pexels.com

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