43 Things I know now that I’m 43.

I’m 43 today. I thought for my birthday I’d reflect and share some things I’ve learned as I’ve become older . Maybe if you’re a little younger you’ll appreciate the perspective or if you’re older, you’ll share a forecast for my future.

In no particular order.

  1. Skincare over makeup.
  2. Don’t keep clothing you don’t wear.
  3. Always stop and pet the puppy.
  4. Give compliments. Keep it simple and honest.
  5. Keep your mouth shut when you disagree with someones opinion, unless doing so will harm someone you love.
  6. Get a plant. It’s good to care for something that grows and you can love that doesn’t talk back.
  7. Drink water more than anything else.
  8. 10 minute rule for venting. Vent for 10 mins then move on.
  9. You may not remember trauma but your body doesn’t forget. Listen to it.
  10. Get some comfy shoes. Half of being tired can come from your feet.
  11. Forget what the fight was about and decide if you still want to have the relationship.
  12. Upgrade your morning. Get fancy with coffee or make a perfectly poached egg. Find something to make your day start out fancy af.
  13. Exercise. Poorly executed is fine. Keep trying till it’s a habit.
  14. Buy better underwear.
  15. Say no. Don’t feel bad about it, don’t overcommit yourself.
  16. Do nothing once in a while.
  17. Get rid of some crap. You don’t have to organize what you don’t have.
  18. Invest in yourself. Save for you, what you want, even if it’s small.
  19. Read your news. Decide what you want to know and where you trust to get it from. Don’t just get fed opinions, learn discernment.
  20. Top shelf booze only.
  21. Night cream for your face.
  22. Sunblock every damn day.
  23. Vitamins.
  24. Meditate so you don’t murder. There is only toilet wine in prison.
  25. Sit outdoors without looking at your phone.
  26. Good sheets. Inexpensive jersey sheets are soooo soft. 100% Organic cotton as a splurge.
  27. Dress for the life you have. Men have tactical pants with 45 pockets but don’t regularly get lost in the woods and use that special pocket just for a compass so who cares if I wear leggings and sweatshirts. I’m prepared for the life I have. Mind your business.
  28. Any food can be breakfast food.
  29. Wash dishes as you cook.
  30. Ignore the things you don’t like and praise the things you do. You’ll get less of the crap stuff and more of the good.
  31. Tacos can turn a day around.
  32. Write things down just to check them off.
  33. Pay down your debt.
  34. Expect good things.
  35. Smile when you speak on the phone, because even if you’re annoyed the shape of your smile will make you seem happier than you feel, and probably get better service.
  36. Know your interest rates. Write your balances and rates in a book and track how quickly you pay off your debt.
  37. Print some photos. Don’t rely on just your phone.
  38. Sleeping-in is badass.
  39. Don’t assume people will be around, tell them you love them now.
  40. Hide snacks for yourself in case you’re being grumpy. Have a snack and be quiet.
  41. If no-one laughs at your joke, that’s their problem.
  42. You can change your life at any moment, so pay attention.
  43. Don’t take yourself so seriously. People are too busy with their own lives to spend time judging yours.
Photo by Vojtech Okenka on Pexels.com

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