My Candy Plan


Parents have a struggle each year around this time trying to find a balance between being a “fun” parent and allowing kids to enjoy the treats they collect and not letting them become a diabetic horror story with a mouth like a meth addict. I have a strategy that I have employed that seems to work fairly well. I don’t like the idea of the “candy fairy” because I don’t like to lie to my kids. I’ve been trying to instill values and accountability in their lives since day one. The idea of some fairy coming to grab their candy and leave a gift they didn’t earn just rubs me the wrong way.

Halloween night I let the kids eat several pieces and then they brush their teeth and fall into a dreamless sleep.

The next day we use a calendar and pick what candy they want to have each day until Thanksgiving. It allows them to keep a small jar of candy and I stick their names on it and they can grab out a piece each day when they come home from school. It’s almost like a board game. We have a calendar up for counting weeks and months until their dad returns from deployment, so it’s a constant in the house. If you don’t have a calendar, just print out a blank one from your computer.Printable Calendar download

The remainder of the candy haul gets portioned up into some goodies for baking and the rest is shipped off to a great organization that runs Treats for Troops. These care packages are such a bright spot for so many forward deployed troops. It reinforces the idea that we need to actively practice kindness at all time. Soldiers Angels Treats for Troops takes your candy and portions it out into care packages. If you have a deployed service member you’d like to sign up for delivery, check out their webpage or if you would like to donate candy, like us, email

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